Stainless steel valves and strainers

Valves and filters are necessary to control, interrupt or filter the flow of liquid or gas inside pipes and conduits.

Ball valves threated, wafer and three way

Stainless steel ball valves are made with threaded or flanged joints. They enable to interrupt flows of liquid or gas inside pipelines. They aren’t normally used to control liquid or gas.

Check valves threated,disc and clapet

Commonly referred to as “non-return valves”, stainless steel check valves are devices used to keep a one-way flow of liquids inside pipelines.

Butterfly valves LUG and wafer type

Butterfly valves are characterised by a disc which can rotate on its own axis to cause closing and opening. They are cast iron, spherical-shaped components with epoxy varnish and stainless steel lens. They are mainly used in flanged connections and are ideal to be used  in overheated water, wastewater or moderately aggressive liquids.

Gate valves

Stainless steel gate valves are used to interrupt and regulate flows. They are characterized by a mobile gate, which can be lifted to interrupt or regulate flows.

Y strainers

Commonly referred to as “strainers”, stainless steel threaded ends “Y” strainers can retain solid particles in pipelines. It is possible to replace and/or clean the filter.

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