18 June 2019

Reduction cones for joining pipes having different diameters


A kind of joints ever present among EN 10253 welded fittings are stainless steel welded reducers.

They are pivotal for changing the diameter size on the piping line when there are flanges with different nominal diameters. They can be grouped into stainless steel concentric reducers and stainless steel eccentric reducers.

Concentric reducers either enlarge or shrink the piping’s section in an identical way in relation to the flow’s central axis. Instead, the use of eccentric reducers allow the continuity of the piping line on one side and cause the widening/shrinking of the flow on the other side.

Concentric reduction is more widespread and used except in those cases where the piping is due to contain fluids that go from a liquid to a gaseous state (or vice versa) as a result of pressure and temperature.

In this case, eccentric reductions are used because they are better for dealing with the condensation that originates in this kind of situation.

In this way, the piping’s lower line is a straight line and potential condensation do not stagnate inside the piping.

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